“The rituals were profoundly moving…” Pat (Australia) 

“It was more than I could ever have wished for, a great balance of input, reflection, ritual, celebration, travel and socialising…” Shelia (UK)

“A life-giving experience that gave me a new perspective and energy…” Glen (USA)

“I gained such a deep understanding of and deepened my connection with my Celtic heritage…” Michael (Canada)

“Superb presenters…” Phil (Ireland)

From Pilgrims 2018

“I had the incredible privilege of participating in this pilgrimage this year and could not recommend it highly enough.  Whether or not you have Celtic roots it is a real gift of an experience.  It helped to really deepen my appreciation of my Celtic heritage, while at the same time opening my heart a little more fully to both the beauty and the challenge of my faith.  It was for me a truly unique experience!!”
Lyn Roberts-King Catholic Education Office, Palmerston NZ

“My journey led to a spiritual awakening and a deeper understanding of my own Celtic roots. The process was lovingly guided by the facilitators and sustained me through my own spiritual journey.” Sally Smith, APRE, Brisbane  Read more…

“The opportunity to walk in the steps of forebears and saints- to depth the significance of holy places such as the Hill of Slane, Glendalough, Jerpoint Abbey, Kildare, through the wise and gentle leadership of Hilary and Monica – was a true privilege.” Sue-Ellen Nell, Principal, Canberra /Goulburn Diocese  Read more…

“This experience was far more than I expected… it was done very creatively with a great balance of social and personal time. It brought me into the heart of myself and gave me a deeper sense of God’s presence in all of life.” (Pilgrim 2016)

“It was truly an inspiring journey… life changing…” (Pilgrim – Australia)

“It was all way beyond my expectations…I am so grateful.” (Pilgrim – Canada)

“Just super from every angle… there was nothing else I could even suggest or hope for…” (Pilgrim – Ireland)

“The rituals were very powerful and brought me into the spiritual aspect of each visit and journey…” (Pilgrim – Australia)

“A journey and experience never to be forgotten…” (Pilgrim – USA)

“The depth of knowledge and research given us by the presenters was inspirational…” (Pilgrim – UK)

“The whole experience was awesome…”  (Pilgrim – Rome)

“The Celtic Pilgrimage was, for me, a gifted opportunity to walk with companions, eager to experience the rich heritage of our Celtic ancestors. The care, love and enthusiasm that went into organizing the Pilgrimage, unfolded like a beautifully decorated Japanese fan – the further it unfolded, the greater the mystery. An unforgettable warm welcome, hospitality bestowing great freedom, inclusive community living, integration of shared research and experience – in a word – a great celebration of life lived in the present moment. In recalling the Celtic Pilgrimage, I feel the energy of that time rising within me.

Tom Tehan – Japan

This was a significant renewal experience for me, enlightened by the spirituality of the Celts and early Irish Christians & nurtured by the guidance, knowledge and music of Hilary Musgrave and Monica Brown. Connecting with ancient sites and reflecting on the New Cosmology enriched my appreciation of my own spirituality. An experience that will not be forgotten.

Brenda Wilson, Retired Principal, St Therese Catholic Primary School NSW

Anyone who manages to participate in this Celtic Pilgrimage should regard her or himself as truly blessed. It was as near to perfect as anything human can be. Grace followed grace, pleasure upon pleasure. I am a woman of many words but in the face of this experience the most appropriate response is: SILENCE, with the invitation ‘go and see for yourself’. Several months down the line I am still enthralled. I would not want to go back lest I should break the spell. I can feed off that once-off experience for a long, long time.  I nurture it by reading reflectively anything I can put my hands on Celtic Spirituality. 

Marie-Henry Keane – UK

The Celtic Pilgrimage was for me a very special experience. Remembering our “roots” and connecting with them is truly wholesome. The Celtic Pilgrimage of 2005 gave me a wonderful and very pleasant opportunity of doing that. Standing within the chamber at Newgrange made me grateful for my pre-christian ancestors. Visiting and lingering in the hallowed place of Glendalough, with its wealth of history and challenging call to living more deeply, was very special. I connected in a new way with Brigid, in what was my first visit to Kildare. Whether we gathered around a dolman or High Cross, or gazed with amazement as former residents of Jerpoint Abbey revealed their skeletal remains, we experienced wonder and fascination. Monica and Hilary lead the group with deep sensitivity and Maura saw to our every need. The comfortable coach, delicious meals at the Brigidine house in Tullow, time for reflection and ritual, music, song and dance, journeying with such wonderful people from different areas of the planet – the international dimension – all contributed to a memorable experience. Thank you.

Mary Lyons – Ireland

The Celtic Spirit Pilgrimage was a wonderful way to fully engage and immerse in the sacred story of Celtic Spirituality. This story was more than a tour, it was a journey steeped in a history and tradition of a beautiful country with a deep spirituality. It was a personal journey that challenged me to find God in the awe and wonder of a beautiful country. A country shaped by its past and its celtic traditions and spirituality. The balance of journeying as a pilgrim to sacred places, and the opportunity for quiet time, reflection and sharing with fellow pilgrims deepened my own faith. The Celtic Spirit Pilgrimage gave me the life changing experience that I hoped for as part of my Principal Professional Learning and Enrichment Leave. It is an experience that continues to challenges me to explore and share how I find God in the oneness of our existence.

Richard Wans, Principal, Mary MacKillop Primary School, Victoria.

To be human

Is to become visible

While carrying

What is hidden

As a gift to others.

David Whyte – (What To Remember When Walking)