Welcome to Celtic Spirit

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Let the Celtic Landscape of Ireland speak to you... in a very special 10 day Pilgrimage.

Experience the beauty of the ancient landscape of Ireland, touch its sacredness and stand in its richness and solitude; be present, mindful, open, attentive...

Walk in the footsteps of the Celtic mystics and saints and allow their spirit of courage and trust give you strength and healing.

Hear the stories that shaped their lives and journeys.

Listen to the music and songs that moved them to dream, fired their passionate longings and brought them to stillness.

Imagine and reflect by megalithic tombs and high crosses where they found meaning, comfort and peace.

Be silent on the sacred pathways that will give you space to awaken to the dreams and longings of your own heart.

Enjoy relaxing times by the fire with a 'drop of cheer' as well as special evenings in the company of local musicians, singers, dancers and storytellers. 


“Celtic spirituality remains like some hidden spring, a source of life and renewal for us if we choose to turn to it and learn from it…rooted in the simple belief that in all the unspectacular immediacy of daily living—both in the natural world and in daily work—God is close at hand.”


Esther de Waal, "The Extraordinary in the Ordinary," Weavings, Vol. II, #3, p. 9