Hilary and Monica have been facilitating this special Celtic Pilgrimage since 2003. As well conducting the pilgrimage annually they minister in schools, parishes and communities. In their unique presentations they offer children and adults alike an opportunity and a space to reflect on their journey and to engage with their God. Their sensitive and creative use of music, mime, sacred clowning, storytelling and ritual enables individuals, groups and communities to come in touch with and to celebrate the sacred in their lives.


Hilary Musgrave, from Tramore, County Waterford in Ireland, is a former Teacher, Principal and Religious Education Advisor in the Dublin Diocese. She received her Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry and Spirituality from Boston College, and works extensively in the area of Creative Spirituality through sacred clowning, story-telling and facilitation, throughout Ireland, as well as Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Hilary was the subject of the highly acclaimed Would You Believe RTE TV Program, ‘A Clown’s Story’. Her recent book “Listen Here God” has touched and warmed the hearts of many.

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Monica Brown, from Sydney Australia, is director of Emmaus Productions and is an internationally acclaimed Christian composer and workshop facilitator. Monica works frequently in Ireland and the UK as well as Canada, the USA and New Zealand, in the areas of spirituality, liturgy and religious education and the integration of the arts. She has been awarded a Masters Honours Degree in Education from the Australian Catholic University, having completed her thesis on spiritual development and the integration of creative process. Her music for children, youth and adults is widely used in communities, schools, parishes and retreat centres, and is touching the hearts of people throughout the world. Visit www.emmausproductions.com

Pilgrimage Hostesses

Phil O’Neill, a grandmother and native of Wexford.
Imelda Barry, a Brigidine Sister, and a native of Dublin.

Other Presenters


Mary Teresa McCormack, holds an MA in theology, an MA in Culture and Spirituality and has studied Sacred Dance receiving a Speciality Certificate from the College of Arts, Religion and Education in Berkeley, California. She facilitates workshops on Ecological Spirituality and Healing Movement and meditation.

Niamh Brennan

Niamh Brennan, PhD, School of Religion (Trinity College, Dublin); MA Culture & Spirituality (Holy Names, Ca.); MA International Development (KDSC) is a writer and educator. For the past ten years she has been engaged in research and teaching in the area of eco-cosmology and the environmental humanities. Her research focuses on what is arguably the most critical issue of our time, the ecological crisis, whose effects are growing in our daily lives and raising concerns about the future of all life. She underscores the role philosophy and spirituality play in ecological thinking and questions the ecological crisis as a crisis of ontology and metaphysics. She has contributed to several journals including ‘Religions’, ‘Worldviews: Global Religions, Ecology and Culture’, ‘Spirituality’ and ‘The Furrow’. She has written and presented numerous courses, lectures, retreats and workshops all based on the new cosmology in Ireland and abroad and was keynote speaker for the International Network for the Study of Spirituality 2023 Conference ‘Spirituality, Critical Reflection and Professional Practice in an Uncertain World’.

Solas Bhride

Mary Minihan and Phil O’Shea, are members of the Brigidine Community and founding members of the Solas Bhride Centre, Kildare. This centre has as its focus St Brigid and Celtic Spirituality and will offer us an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of St Brigid, to hear about her life and stories and take time to reflect on how she speak to our lives today. Visit www.solasbhride.ie


Local Musicians, Singers, Story Tellers and Dancers, will join us on some evenings in Teach Bhride and will entertain and involve us in Celtic song, story, music and dance.

"Everyone can bless. It comes with our already-graced humanity."

Daniel O’Leary – (Unmasking God p100)