A Pilgrim's Blessing

May the song of the running stream fill us with the music of God’s creation
In the beauty of these Celtic lands may the face of God bless us each day as we journey

May the gentle breeze of the spirit strengthen our love for each other
May the God of beauty touch our souls with compassion and justice

In the stillness of our hearts and creation , God give us peace, rest and healing.
These Celtic people have stretched out their arms to countries far and wide. Bless them!

May we ponder our deep and personal experiences and take home with us the spirit of Brigid and Patrick.

Tess, Nance, Agnes, Marg and Phil


Generous, gracious, Creator God,
We thank you for bursting into our lives and drawing us together on this
journey of hope and promise.
In your Wisdom you have challenged us to work with you in creative,
responsible ways to nurture the unfolding of this Universe. Your extravagant
Love holds us all in process.

We thank you for the gift of the joy and communion we have shared and for
opening wide our hearts and minds.
We praise and stand in awe of your magnificent glory in creation and for the
interconnectedness of the whole universe – from molten rocks to butterfly
wings, from dinosaurs to birds, from baby cries to symphonies, from the first
explosion of gases to the air we breathe – the very same air that Jesus

We saw your glory in sunshine and rain, moonlight and wind, as we travelled
along the roads.
We grasped the flame to take with us forever.
This beautiful country holds deeps in it’s – stones … wells … ruins … fires … and
crosses… – deep eternal truths which have touched us and called to our souls.

Together we pray that your never-ending stream of grace may flow over us like
healing water and shape our lives.
The yearning in our hearts has grown and been strengthened by the
continuous, abundant, outpouring of Godself manifesting in so many
wonderful and diverse ways. Our yearning, our longing, our living will always
be restless until we rest in the infinite, original spot of universal wholeness –

Phil, Madeleva, Marcia, Carmel B

From This Pilgrimage...

…we bless… we seek God… we look into and through the silence!

We SEE God…
The greenness, the newness of life…
The tapestry of the landscape…
The diversity of sights, colour, shapes…
The witnessing of cycles of new life.
       May this be your experience…

We HEAR God…
The wind, the water…
We hear God’s music…
We hear God through each other…
       May this be your experience…

We smell God on the breath of the wind…
We smell God in the places & their ancestry
       May this be your experience…

We taste the abundance, manna from the earth…
We taste God through community, through each other and through Eucharist, as we are nourished…
       May this be your experience…

We link to the MYSTERY…
Through our senses, a pathway into mystery…
Through BEing open to receive…
Through our senses we open to grace…
       May this be OUR experience as we go forth..!

Anne, Susan, April and John

Celtic Spirit

O Holy Mystery
Ever present in the music of the universe
In the swaying trees,
In the murmur of the water,
In the song of birds
In stories in the heart of stone.

R       Open our hearts to be present, to listen and to hear your Presence in the silence.

O Holy Mystery
All embracing God,
Heal, comfort and console our broken world through us,
As we embrace the spirit of Patrick, Brigid and Kevin
And all our holy ancestors.

O Holy Mystery
Triune God
May we integrate the blessings
We have received during our time together,
So that, like the acorn
We will flourish and bring new life and hope to our wounded world.

R       We ask your blessing on us pilgrims
On our families and communities,
And on all people of this ancient land.

Bridie, Tricia, Patricia and Phil

An Encounter With A Restorative God

Celtic Spirit, alive in this land
A journey of the senses, through the Irish hand
In the steps of the saints, on hallowed ground
Rain misting the hills, whilst all around
The landscape of Ireland, gifting nature’s sound
Rippling water, flickering flame, gentle animals abound.

Grey stone, strong and silent; granite heart aligns with ours
The imprints of our ancestors
Our lives journeys, inner strength found.

Being still in nature’s soundscape –
The layers of sound
In the movement of the universe
Our still souls are found

The nearness of God’s spirit
Fire without and within
The resting of self; the echoes of kin

Celtic Spirit, alive in this land
Let us encounter God’s restorative hand

Patsy, Sheila, Carmel, Maria, Keith

Still point of the turning world
Within and without
Rock of firmness – thanksgiving
Listening – in our heart
Seeing – the awe and wonder of creation
Tasting the freshness of the morning
Hearing the song of creation in our heart
Feeling the wind against our being
Deeper deep within ever new
Tir na og ( eternal youth)

Julie, Jenny, Micheal, Imelda


… in the ground of our BEING
… in the stillness/silence of our hearts
… in the murmuring of the stream
… in the dancing, swaying branches
… in the never ending ripple of the rivers
… in the harmony of the bells calling us to prayer
… ever ANCIENT ever NEW
… in the nagging tiresome voice within, which pushes/entices us onwards
… in the magnetic mysticism of High Crosses

Echoes of God … Echoes of God … Echoes of God … Echoes of God

Marlene, Gen, Liz, Monica K


Pilgrims Journey
Where do we find you
Longing for silence
Seeking, searching, solitude

Running restful waters
Shimmering leaves
Whispering wind

Ancient ruins
Stories in stones
Celtic crosses
Standing strong
Ancestors remembered

Journeying forth
We leave this sacred place
Souls enriched
Mystery unfolding
Knowing we know.

Lorraine, Ena, Jacinta, Maree and Sally


We praise you in thankfulness
For revealing to us the mystery of your creation.

We feel your breath in the gentle winds and breezes
And witness your strength in the swift flowing waters
of your many rivers.

We experienced the love of God, which inspires and uplifts our spirits,
through ancient rhythms to sing your praise.
We go now to take what we have experienced in our hearts
into the lives of others
and to the whole of creation.

O Awesome God, O Awesome God, O Awesome God

Roger, Bernie, Sue-Ellen, Kathy


May the God of stillness be with you
May the power of the rock support you
May the silence of the Abbey give you peace
May the riches of the earth revive you
May the beauty of the landscape widen your heart and expand your spirit
May you lean on the strength of the oak tree, and drink in the beauty of each new day.
May the spring waters refresh and heal you.
May the strength of the cross sustain you in life’s journey
As the Trinity enfolds you.
May the lived experience of Brigid, Patrick and Kevin be your inspiration.

Gerard, Martina, Maggie, Joanna, Monica M

– God of new beginnings and never endings
May the blue canopy above us enfold us in its mantle of hope.

– Haunting reality of wind and rain in dark places
Encircle our lives with love.

– Merciful giver of newness within the cracks of life
Bless us all with silent peace and wonder

– God give us lasting memory of this wondrous, pilgrim journey.

Noelene, Denise, Anne, Carmel, Maureen

Ever Gentle Spirit wherever we place our feet
We embrace your blessing.

In the vastness and beauty of the universe
We know we walk in the footsteps
Of all that came before us.

In the solitude we hear the birdsong
In the opening of the door we see you.

We feel your heart in ours.
You are the essence of our being
There is nowhere you are not.

Mary Beth, Ann, Gracia, Mary, Adele

Gracious God of our being,
You are all around and within us.

The generous hospitality of nature,
A witness to your Word,
Fills our hearts.
The sun’s rays warm the Earth
And the birds sing out in joyful praise.

As the river flows,
Living waters flow from within us.
We are One,
Created of the same stardust.

May the compassion and strength
Of Brigid and Patrick
Burn ever brighter within our hearts,
That we may rekindle the flame
In all the world.

Behold the breath of Life!
Tihei Mauri Ora!!!

Lyn, Shane, Helen, Dianne and Margaret


May the silent loving of the mystery of God surround us and bring us to full potential

As the egg grows into the splendid swan,
As the tiny acorn grows into the awesome oak,
As the simple bulb grows into the tall tulip,
As the crawling caterpillar grows into the brilliant butterfly

May the silent loving of self surround me and bring me to my full potential

As I accept the past is gone,

The future is out of my control, and
I can only be present in the moment,
As I speak gentle and loving worlds to my soul:
As I let my light shine I step out into the darkness of pathways of difference

May the silent loving of one another surround us and bring us to full potential
As the extended hands welcome the solitary stranger
As the tender touch brings healing to the hurting soul
As the listening ear brings comfort and consolation
As the warmth of the strangers smile brings love and lasting joy

As it take in the breath of the universe,
I breathe out …. LOVE!

Chris, Juliana, Mary, Lauretta and Mike


May the God of the dawn awaken you
May the God of sunrise stir you up
May the God of morning bless your work
May the God of noon renew your strength
May the God of sunset bring you home
May the God of dusk soothe your soul
May the God of night bring you rest.

And until we meet again may God
hold you in the palm of his hand.

Micheal O’Sullivan


May the love and peace of God that we share with our Celtic Ancestors fell on you.
Like the shower of sunlight that brings life to the river.

May your life’s journey continue
With its light and shadows
With its hopes and dreams

May the deep valleys and high mountain tops
Reach out to hold your hands
When you face difficulties in your life’s journey

Any may you merge into the rhythm of nature
Awakened to the gentle whisperings of God in the water, fire, air and earth

May Mary, Patrick, Brigid and Columba and all other Celtic Saints intercede for you
As you continue this pilgrimage journey

And may the Trinity
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Hold you with compassion
And shield you in loving embrace

Alice, Jim, Anita, Helen and Maud


O Devine face in the ruins
We stand in silence
Our bodies held captive
Vibration of voice
Reverberation of stones

O abundant mystery
Our spines tingle
Our souls stir with longing
We taste the dark tones of God

Struck by your love,
May we continue to pilgrim
Let your song lighten our footsteps
And fill us with joy
As we encourage others in your way.

Denis, Phil, Anne Marie, Bernadette, Elizabeth


Ever living, ever faithful, ever present God
Encircling us, journeying with us, waiting for us
God, who is both our refuge and our rock
Help us to remember the stones of our being


Sacred stone, stone enduring
Stones of silence, stones of despair
Stones that speak to us
Bleak stones, comforting stones
Stones of sign and symbol
Stones of generations, cared with intent
Devotion, love, memory, service


Stones that form a pathway for the journey ahead
A journey as yet undefined
Yet a journey of the spirit
May we draw deeply from our well
And open our hearts to light the fire
And kindle the flame inside
So that we may be all we are created to be.


That is why to simply be in the presence of the immediate commerce of life is the closest we can get to worship. The present moment is the real presence of God.

Daniel O’Leary – (Treasured and Transformed p145)